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Stay Classy, Enjoy Easy!

‘The Galbi’ is created by two brothers from Gangnam in Seoul, serving contemporary Korean cuisine.

Galbi refers to ‘grilled BBQ ribs’ in Korean and is usually made with beef short ribs, yet pork and chicken Galbi are also very popular in Korea. The brothers who also lived in the L.A and London reinterpret the authentic Korean food into the new modern Korean dining and serve not only Korean BBQ Galbi but also many other dishes you can enjoy together with Galbi or itself.  


 As their slogan says- ‘The Galbi; Stay Classy, Enjoy Easy’, The Galbi restaurant delivers a brand-new genre of Korean food that you’ve never experienced in Hochiminh city before by providing Korean BBQ more simple and easy way, but never lose their luxurious and authentic taste of Korea. 


Opening Hours: 11am - 11pm