Mama Ga is a traditional French Rotisserie based in Saigon. We serve whole roasted farm chickens, crispy chicken tenders and succulent sandwiches. 
A qualitative choice:
All of our ingredients are of the highest quality, sourced responsibly and delivered fresh daily from Mama Thao Farm, located in Mekong Delta area. Our chickens are spending their lives outdoors, fed with an organic, antibiotic free diet of grains. 
A healthy choice:
High in protein, low in fat and calories, chicken is a healthy, lean meat that is good for your body and bones. It’s an excellent source of nutrients and vitamins that helps boost your immunity. 
They are slowly cooked in the rotisserie to preserve meat softness and highlight all the roasted flavors and marinades. Our french classics sides are prepared with the freshest products of our local suppliers and restyled adding an asian touch. Our menu allows you to tailor your own dining experience. 
All dishes are available for take away or by delivery; perfect for a quick and easy lunch at the office or a wholesome family dinner.






Opening Hours:

EVERYDAY   11am - 9pm





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