Nestled in the middle of the emerging area of Ho Chi Minh City, Thao Dien, BLOQ is your new dining and shopping destination: a vibrant place where people can eat, shop, work, live and play. 
Inspired from the global retail park lifestyle movement, BLOQ is the first of its kind in both Ho Chi Minh and Vietnam. 
More than a unique F&B and retail experience, BLOQ is a hub within a city where everyone can satisfy their own tastes and interests, thanks to a unique and inspiring setting combined with exciting weekly programs for the most lively customer experience ever. 
Its urban & modern architecture together with the aesthetic of containers distinguishes BLOQ from soulless shopping malls and creates a unprecedented urban identity.


The aesthetic of containers delivers an independent and revolutionised retail experience that plants fashion and creativity back where it belongs – on the streets. We create a vibrant space in Ho Chi Minh City where customers can eat, drink, shop, and unwind.




More than a unique F&B and retail experience ...

BLOQ consistently delivers an exciting and high standard of shopping and dining but it's not all about the retail experience. 

Events form a big part of what we do and the aim is to bring as much fresh, vibrant and exciting event to BLOQ as possible. We encourage a variety of artists to make use of the events spaces at BLOQ.