Only came to life since 2014, yet HT Group had actually been brewed for 20 years back within the mind of its founders – those who have always carried on one forever culinary-passion, throughout their entire inndelible-fate for Restaurant Management and Gastronomy. It all started with only a few humble restaurants in Sai Gon; then the founders have leveled it up patiently day by day - into such a solid brand name to both native and foreign guests, Asian and European cuisine.

It’s the experiences that gain trust, it’s the dedication and creativity that gain evolution, it’s how HT Group has gained its throne nowadays. Being differentiated from other newborns in this Restaurant Management and Gastronomy territory; we were born from years and years of acknowledgements, were created by the ones who made this industry an indelible mark on their entire livings.

With gifts and desires to explore the culinary diversity, HT Group has been giving birth to various brands with distinct styles: Hoa Tuc Contemporary Vietnamese Cuisine – the modern Vietnamese cuisine with its cooking course platform called Saigon Cooking Class that aims to pass on the culinary passion to its visitors; Chi Hoa Vietnamese Cuisine – the old school home-cooked cuisine yet with its trendy on-the- spot cooking service named Chi Hoa Tiec Tung; TukTuk Thai Bistro – Traditional Thai cuisine, and ANH TUKK - Mordern Thai Cuisine. Our list is still growing with everyday upcoming ideas.

From day-one to day-now, every HT Group generation has fully inherited their founders’ soul: Just season your work with your soul, customers will hear you out with their gustation and sensation.


Opening Hours: 10am - 11pm